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Why Choose Us?

Why makes us different? Our team treats all customers like relatives and friends. Today, more than ever, clients want to invest their money sensibly, and we realize that. We know customers have gotten used to lease cars at their local dealership and can be very skeptical leasing a vehicle online. When it comes to reliability and honesty, you can trust us. Heading into the car dealership and seeing that marble flooring and fancy plasmas, you instantly realize you are the person paying for it all. At Best Car Deals NJ, we have almost zeroed overhead passing all savings to you, the buyer. There are many reasons why dealerships can't offer our prices, brands and services.

While that might appear unusual at first, you'll quickly see that it's the fastest and most practical way to lease an automobile. You can browse the vehicles catalog out of the convenience of your home. As you explore, you will note that we offer much more cars, compared to most companies in the industry. This is possible, because we lease cars from all major car manufacturers in the world. A physical car lot with only few cars in it doesn't limit our service.

We Offer the Lowest Auto Leasing Prices Available

Yet another great benefit of leasing cars from us is that we offer the lowest market prices available. Since we do not have a car lot, we have fewer expenses than regular dealerships. Therefore, with us, you can save hundreds, if not even thousands of dollars off the full price of your lease.

Besides, dealerships are most of the time under restriction to "move" certain vehicles at a certain price; it is in their intention to keep you uninformed about the latest promotions and cash allowances available. They also try to sell you extra accessories and services you don't need, so that they can make their commission, which rarely works to your best interest.

We deal with the best auto lease financing partners to guarantee our clients receive the lowest rates of interest and other great financial benefits. With such interest rates, your monthly payments will always stay low, no matter which car or brand you are leasing. This can influence your baseline significantly. In case you have any questions about the prices of a particular brand or car, or anything related to our financing plans, please call us at 201-509-4199. One of our leasing experts will be more than happy to help you.

Free Delivery of Your Automobile, Anywhere in New Jersey

Once you've chosen the car you want to lease and negotiated the best funding, in addition to all other terms and conditions, we'll drive the car for you right at your door. This is a huge benefit to our clients, because they do not have to take a car out of a dealership or another area. Whether you would want it delivered to your business office, home or anywhere else in NJ, we will be there right after the deal, same day delivery guaranteed. There is no better, faster or cheaper way to get the car you want so easily.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Should there be any questions about the auto lease deals we offer, please don't hesitate and call us at any time at 201-509-4199. Our skilled leasing experts who are there for you 24/7 will answer all questions about the leasing process, brands, manufacturers, terms and condition, or the exact car of your preference. We are looking forward to helping you soon.